Note This Before Buying Condoms

In order not to mistakenly in buy condoms, you and your partner should pay attention to several things before buying condoms. It’s good if the couple noticed some of the following.

– Size
Basically, the size of a standard condom would be fit for most men because of its elastic shape. However, for Mr. P that is extra large, you should buy a large size too.

– Form
There are two forms of condoms. The first, a condom that has a sort of pouch at the end. This sac is meant to accommodate sperm. The second is a condom that ends flat with Mr. P.

– Thickness
There are two types of condoms that are thick and thin. It is recommended to wear thick condoms for men whose condoms are often torn.

– Lubricants
The lubricant in the condom serves to kill sperm and sperm disease. Although condoms are torn, lubricants can help prevent pregnancy. However, lubricant condoms are not recommended for oral sex because it feels bad.

– Flavor
Condoms that have a taste intended for oral sex. This condom does not have a lubricant so it is very convenient for oral sex. Condoms are usually present in various flavors such as strawberries, chocolate, or oranges.