3 Tips for saving your iPhone battery

For many users of mobile devices, one of the most annoying conditions often faced is the extravagant smartphone battery. It’s also convenient that there are even still many iPhone battery replacement services that we can hire out there.

When needed, the battery is exhausted and forced you to have to find the power socket to charge the battery. Do not worry. Overcome this, we present practical tips that can be done to save your iPhone battery.

1. Remove Unused Apps

Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth may be frequent. But sometimes we forget to close applications that are not used. In addition to saving battery life, closing unused applications can alleviate processor performance. A simple way is to press the Home button twice, then slide up.

2. Turn off Reduce Motion Features

Maybe you’re happy to see the dynamic effects of iPhone transition. However, it turned out to drain enough battery. If you do not care about dynamic effects, you can turn them off. The trick is to click Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce Motion> Turn off Reduce Motion.

3. Perform Battery Calibration

Not many know about battery calibration. Simply put, the battery calibration is to drain the battery completely off, then charge it fully. We recommend that battery calibration is done once a month. The goal is to refresh the state of the battery so that it remains durable.