Air Blowing Affects Sleep Quality

Too tight AC blowing affect the quality of sleep and can interfere with health and metabolic problems of the body and even vulnerable to heart disease. Some diseases due to nervous system disruption are also associated with wind gusts, One of them, of course, blowing air conditioning. Use of AC or Air Conditioner at bedtime especially if Blowing AC will tighten the room will become too cold, With the unevenness of the body will feel uncomfortable and even sick, This condition will trigger the frequency of the body moves and heart rate increases. In a study conducted by scientists at the Toyohashi University of Technology to prove it. Experiments show an AC blast with a speed of 0.14 m / s triggers a more frequent change in position during sleep. Disruption of sleep quality in velocity or speed is also influenced by higher wake frequency. Observations with EEG (Electroencephalogram) also reinforce the conclusion that the quality of sleep is reduced due to the blast of air conditioning that is too tight. The solution is you have to know how to care for your air conditioners in a healthy way. Some air conditioning or maintenance work requires special skills and we are one aircon service that will give you the maximum service we have.

AC or Air Conditioner is usually used in a closed room so it does not have good air circulation. Dirty air conditioning due to lack of maintenance will be a source of health problems, especially for people who have allergies. Especially when allergy symptoms appear in the respiratory system, such as allergic rhinitis or asthma. Maintain cleanliness of the room and air conditioning can reduce the problem of allergies.