Calculate the Fertility Period with Calendar is Inaccurate, What Should You Do?

The fertile period of a woman needs to be well calculated to establish when it is good to have sex for those who want to have a baby or to avoid it. Therefore, it is important for women to know how to calculate the true fertile period of women.

Basically, the only surefire method to predict the pregnancy of a woman is to come directly to the experts, as provided by one of the best hospital in bangalore which is Fortis Hospital. It is recommended for married couples to predict their fertile period. In addition, the hospital also provides a complete and affordable price pregnancy package for all of the moms who were pregnant and want to give a birth.

Therefore another method said that a woman who is planning a pregnancy is better to stick with the urine test to determine their fertile period than the calendar method. The calendar method does help women to begin to understand how their cycles work, but if they really try to get pregnant then it’s not the best method to use.

The calendar method is estimated to be true of just one in four women, whereas urine test predicts correctly in 99 percent of women in the same period. The calendar method, which used the previous cycle length and reduced 14 or 15 days to give an approximate day of ovulation, was used by approximately 35 percent of the women in the study. This method is also quite popular, and now many mobile phone providers are providing that service.

In the study, 101 women were asked to collect daily urine samples with a total of 895 cycles, and then compared the accuracy of the calendar method and the Clearblue test to predict the peak fertile period. However, it was found that calendar methods were not accurate in predicting ovulation and also peak fertile periods.