Your phone’s Battery Power Cause Fast

For those of you who own a mobile phone, surely already know not any part of your phone that matters? One of the most important is the battery. The battery is one of the most important things for mobile phones. Can you imagine if you have a mobile phone but do not have a battery? To note, many things that cause the phone battery quickly run out. It should be emphasized, before starting to discuss the cause, it is assumed there is no technical cause in terms of hardware in case the phone battery power quickly runs out. That is, the phone battery and other components related to power, are considered to be fine. If you are still confused why your phone battery is running out, then you can start looking at your application because usually too many applications running in the background process, mainly connected to the internet like messaging apps and social media, are the most likely cause. How many messaging apps are installed on the phone? In one day, how often does the contact in the messaging app send messages? For this, the best solution would be to install messaging apps properly and as necessary. That is when contacts across multiple messaging apps are relatively the same, why add multiple messaging apps at once? Often this battery is a big problem for you, sometimes when in an emergency, you feel your battery is running out, especially when you’re on big events like weddings or events involving hundreds of people in a long time, this is the moment which is annoying, one of which is your battery runs out quickly and that is why we provide phone charging station rentals for events.

With phone charging station rentals for events, you no longer need to feel confused when your phone batteries run out. How many social media applications do you use? Is push notification on social media apps active? If social media can still be reached by using a browser like Chrome, for example, then there is no harm to sign in or log in to social media using Chrome. Facebook and Twitter are social media that is still quite convenient accessible in Chrome, although there is little difference in terms of user experience. Thus, Facebook and Twitter applications can be removed. This step will not only save battery power but also reduce data consumption. For other social media that can be accessed via the application only, if it is really needed, would not want to be fixed. However, we should still be wise in using social media.