Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday!

Not complete if we hold a birthday party, but there is no ‘ice-breaking’ aka an atmosphere that makes the event more exciting and cheerful. It’s not funny if you want to organizing a birthday party for your children, especially those aged 5 – 10 years, only with a candle blowing event, singing, sharing, giving a goodie bag, and then keep going home. Less memorable is not it?
Well, to be the more enlivened atmosphere, we have some inspirational ideas to play fun while the birthday celebration took place. To be sure, all of these games require speed, agility, and focus but are creatively packed so the kids are excited to play it. Not bad, all too train the brain as well while playing.

Simon Says
This game is adapted from the West which can be used as an inspires games to play on the birthday of the child. Taking the figure of “Simon” as the instructor, if want to take a character from Indonesia is also not a problem, so that children more easily recognize it.
All invited guests or participants will have to imitate you or the birthday child designated as “Simon” (the instructor) by saying, “Simon says …” or if it is written in Indonesian “Simon says …”. For example: “Simon says, applause!” After speaking, the person appointed as Simon should practice his instructions, then all the participants follow the movement.

Hop! Bunny Jumping
The game can train light concentrations for children. It’s easy to practice without having to set up game equipment. The key is spontaneity and focus.
Ask all invited guests to jump lightly like a rabbit while circling the room. When you said “CAUTION! THERE IS ANYTIME! “, At that time the children must stop jumping upright or squatting statues, should not move. If within that time range there is a move, then he cannot continue the game. After a few seconds, say again, “Okay! It’s safe … “then the kids jump back and forth like rabbits. In order to make the game more exciting, it will be better if the children do this game at Bouncy Castle Hire Limerick.

Tap the Balloon
For this game, you should prepare a rubber balloon of approximately the same size, according to the number of participants who follow the game. Then ask the children to stand parallel and each gets a balloon.
When there is a “Get Started” instruction, have the children pat their balloons with their hands in the air and keep the balloon from falling to the floor. After a few moments of shouting, “Stop!” And all the children have to recapture the balloon. The kid has to do a few rounds of play, some kids whose balloons never fall, they deserve a reward.