Materials That Can Volumizing Lash

Before knowing how to prevent the lashes fall out, we must first know the cause. Eyelash loss can be caused by three things. Firstly, namely health. If you’re future health care by taking a high-dose drug, then automatically your eyelashes will experience hair loss. Second, pay attention to your habit. Often rubbed your eyes and did not clean the makeup, especially in the eye after the completion of a long day or before bed, this will affect the condition of your eyelashes. The last is, due to hormonal factors. Excessive stress can cause hair loss on the eyelashes. do eyelashes grow back? How?

Eyelashes part in our eyes that give a significant influence on how we look. Not a little, a girl who is willing to grow eyelashes that look thicker. Usually we wear makeup tools to give effect to the eyelashes thicker, but it has a bad impact for our eyes. The use of mascara and false eyelashes prolonged can damage our natural eyelashes. No way!

Can we thicken the lashes with natural ingredients? Yes, we can! Here’s the list:

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil can moisturize and cleanse our skin. Well, it turns olive oil is the right material for growing eyelashes. Quite applying olive oil to the eyelashes, as you can use mascara.

2. Green Tea

We recommend to brew green tea rather than green tea powder in the bag, because the antioxidant content richer. Once brewed, dip a cotton swab and a compress on the eyes. In addition to the stronger eyelashes, eyelash we will be healthier.

3. Aloe Vera

We already know that aloe vera has many benefits for health and beauty. We can use aloe vera mucus at the root of the lashes. For maximum results, do this every day in the morning.

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