9 Easy Steps to Start Flash Photography

For a professional photographer, it may not be difficult to start and adjust the camera’s external flash. Because as we know that experience and knowledge are have been widely owned by them. But for beginners who love photography, there is no harm if you want to try external flash to improve the image. Therefore, buy Nikon flash is one way to help you perfect the color of the photos you take.

Nevertheless, before you buy Nikon flash, it’s good for you if you know in advance the use of external flash for your camera!

Step 1: Turn on the Power after Installing Flash in Camera
Step 2: Rearrange Flash Settings
Step 3: Choose Flash Mode
Step 4: Choose Shooting Mode
Step 5: Choose Shutter Synchronization Mode
Step 6: Adjust ISO Speed
Step 7: Define Background Brightness by Using Exposure Compensation
Step 8: Determining Subject Brightness by Using Flash Output
Step 9: Customize the Flash Head

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