6 Tips To Finding And Hiring Freelancers For Your Small Business

Hiring a freelancer is not always as simple as it sounds. In day-to-day running, entrepreneurs are increasingly needing these professionals. Thus, it is important to be aware of some key actions to ensure proper hiring and completion of a project at or above expectations. With that in mind, we decided to talk here about seven tips that will help you make a good hiring and successful projects. Let’s start?

Getting Started to Hire a Freelancer
First and foremost one must understand that this type of hiring is often remote . In other words, you will not see the person, you will not be in the same environment and will not live with it. This makes some care even more important before you implement a project with the freelancer. Today, there are several safe tools to get to know the professionals and their deliveries well. The Workana is one of those allies, the largest freelance hiring site in Latin America. The tool facilitates the life of freelancers and entrepreneurs by allowing the transaction to be done all through the platform, from the inclusion and description of the project and its contacts until payment.

Now, let’s go to the tips
Start thinking about your need and the project you want the participation of a freelancer. What activities will the professional need to do? What is the purpose of your project ? What is the area of ​​knowledge for which it is intended? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself or share with your team to ensure project detailing. Well, since we talk about this, let’s first tip, which is just about that aspect.

1) Make a good description of the project: in the smallest details

This is perhaps one of the most important and most important tips to ensure good hiring. Be clear on what you need, from the skills you expect from the freelancer to the deliveries you need. Take time to describe the responsibilities of the professional, profile and area you are seeking to hire, deadlines, materials you need to receive, level of experience the candidate must have, available values ​​to invest and even some information about your company as a reference . If this is the case, ask the freelancers to submit reference work in the project description to help you with the filter. Ah, a tip: if you are in doubt as to how much to charge for your project check out our tool, the ” Freela Calculator “.

2) Filter the proposals you receive

This can be a difficult part of hiring a freelancer. With a good description and your published project you will begin to receive the proposals of the professionals. According to Workana, a published project receives on average 30 to 40 proposals in a single day! So make a filter of them, taking into account aspects such as:

Presentation of the candidate;
Freelance experience;
Speed ​​of return to your doubts or questions;
Fulfillment of the requirements you requested in the proposal;
Quality of referenced reference materials (if requested).

3) Do not just focus on the question “value”

Some of the proposals you receive may have a higher value than what you put in your project description. Do not ignore them immediately. Try to understand and analyze the reason why the candidate has placed a price “above or below the combined”. Often, it is the professional who will bring a differential and add even more to your project. Therefore, review all proposals without using the “value” question as an immediate disposal filter.

4) When in doubt, ask and exchange ideas

After doing that first filter of the proposals you received it is common to be in doubt among the applicants who pre-selected or want to know more about one or another freelancer. So do not be afraid to ask questions, ask for more reference materials, know more about the professional experience , among other issues. Having clear, open and objective communication is already half way to the success of your project. Analyze this exchange of ideas and what the freelancer can add and add value to your project.

5) Evaluate the professional’s history

In Workana, for example, the freelancer has a profile with all the work that has already done, testimonials, information of hirings made by the same client, among other data that help in creating a professional’s history. An interesting detail is the ranking and star classification that the tool allows, which in a visual way already says a lot about the candidate’s work. If you do not use a tool like this, LinkedIn, a resume, and a portfolio with referrals, for example, may help you even more to clear the doubt.

6) Making sure the candidate is trustworthy

“Trustworthiness is a huge factor when hiring a free lancer”  Ryan of Bright Clean says.  In his business he uses freelancers for small jobs for his website.  He has even used a freelancer to design his logo.  He says that finding multiple candidates and interviewing them will help ease the worry of whether or not they will be able to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner.  After choosing the new freelancer pay only half up front and the other half after job completion to ensure success.

7) If you still have questions, make a Skype call

Generally, freelancers use this tool to communicate with customers and you can use it to your advantage. This conversation can be a “tease-up” action for you to definitely choose the candidate who will carry out your project. Make a short interview, talk more about your project, your need, your business, and see if the reactions and ideas of the freelancer have the potential to unfold in creative solutions relevant to your problem.