Spare Tire as a Backup Tire in a Car

In the purchase of new cars, not all cars provide spare tire equipment or spare tires. So, you need to keep in mind that some car manufacturers who do not provide spare tires or reduce the size of this tire have some reasons.

Technically, the term spare tire is called “spacer-saver” or “donut”. Even though there are new cars equipped with spare tires, usually the size of the spare tire is smaller than the default tire. One of the characteristics of the latest car spare tire output is the size of alloy wheels and tires are smaller than the standard, both the width of the tire’s palm as well as the thickness. That is why it is important for you to adjust the cover of the spare tire with its actual size. For instance, you can buy a 4×4 spare wheel cover for the normal spare tire of your 4×4 car or a smaller size if the spare tire is in a smaller size.

In fact, the main reason for smaller tires is to save space, cost, and load. Besides that type of compact car only provides limited luggage space, less relieved when occupied standard spare tire. If the cost reason, of course, small tires provide efficient production costs. In addition, the smaller spare tire form also gives a smaller weight as well. This small weight does not overload the performance of the car engine.

Just like its name which is spacer-saver, the use of spare tires is not recommended for long-term use. Spare tire speed is limited only by 60-80 km / h or 50-80 km distance. This is related to the performance of a spare tire that is constrained to a size smaller than the standard. That is why it is important for you to remember to not use the tire continuously and change it immediately after the regular tire gets fixed.